Bienvenue to our website

Deb’s Bakery is a home based French inspired bakery under the Texas Cottage Law. Although, we operate from home, we have a Texas Food Handler Certification and we also completed an optional training designed for Cottage Law bakers so we can always offer you the best quality of our products.

We only use fresh and top quality ingredients, mostly organics and non-GMO.  Everything is made to order and from scratch. We don’t add chemically made preservatives or additives to our recipes. The only preservatives we use are naturals like sugar, salt or lemon juice. Even the food colorants we use are plant based. (For decorating some cakes and pies, we can use candies that you like such as Kit Kat, Ferrero etc… ).

You can place your order at anytime but keep in mind that everything is handmade and from scratch so allow 24h to 72h for your order to be ready.

You can order by phone or email. We accept cash, Paypal and Venmo. You can pay upfront or when you get your order. In some cases, we will ask 10% upfront for custom and/or large commands.

We deliver in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (Conditions may apply depending on distance. $5 delivery flat fee) and we also offer free pick up in Dallas or Little Elm (Contact us for more infos).